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Table of Contents 2016, #4
Theory, Methodology and History of Sociology
  • Polyakova N.L. “Identity” in contemporary sociological theory
  • Dobrinskaya D.E. Sociological understanding of Internet: theoretical approaches to the network analysis
  • Ostrovskaya E.A. Biographical narrative applied to the study of religiosity
Sociology of globalization
  • Maliuk A.N. The concept of globalization from the world-system perspective
Sociology of Migration
  • Novoselova E.N. The migration situation in the capital megapolis: problems and prospects
Sociology of medicine
  • Osipova N.G. The social construction of the public health
Political Sociology
  • Samsonova T.N., Shpuga E.S. The challenges political leadership faces in the modern world
  • Perevezentseva J.A. Political governance and basic administrative functions of the state
Social Psychology
  • Osipova N.G., Chelischev V.I. Social mechanisms and technologies of manipulative management of the person
Социология труда и управления
  • Akhmetshina E.R., Klyueva T.V., Poletaeva O.V. Lifestyle and social well-being of freelancers: cross-regional comparisons
  • Dudueva F.A.,Lipatova A.E., Pashko A.I., Semikhova M.A., Tretyakov Y.A. Modern researches of personnel. Sociological analysis of personnel management and employment in dissertation researches
Scientific life
  • Osipova N.G., Kuhtevich T.N., Solomatina E.N. Overview of research topics of PhD theses in sociology (on materials of Dissertation Council D 501.001.01, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2005-2015)
Index of articles and materials published in the journal “Bulletin of Moscow University. Series 18. Sociology and politology” for 2016

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