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Peer review

All manuscripts which correspond with formal requirements of the Journal are sent for peer review. All received articles are double blind peer-reviewed. Reviews are confidential: no author is to be aware of the name of the reviewer and no reviewer is to be aware of the name of the author. There are at least two reviews for each received manuscript. The letter of review, which is given after a peer review, provides a reasoned written opinion on the scientific level of the content of the manuscript and the advisability of its publication in the Journal. In case of negative review a reasoned refusal is sent to the author(s).

If the author(s) receive(s) the recommendations to correct and revise the manuscript, modified materials of the manuscript will be under the same procedure for the examination, peer review and approval.

All manuscripts recommended by the reviewer for publication are sent to the Editorial Boardof the Journal. Final decision concerning the expediency of the manuscript publication is made by the Editorial Board. Manuscripts which are accepted for publication are sent for the standard procedure of editing.

Original letters of review are stored in the office of the Editorial Board of the Journal  for 5 years.

Review copies are sent to Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on request.

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